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There's only one
Camp Lenox


Traditional camps beat sports camps.

Athletes prefer

traditional camps.

There’s no replacement for a serious, traditional summer camp experience – especially for athletes looking to improve their game.

At Lenox, campers learn under top national high school coaches and athletic instructors. Whatever the sport, they compete alongside motivated players from around the world. Lessons learned during elective and group periods are applied during intramural leagues, inter-camp games, and tournaments.

Not spectators. 

For participants.

Passive spectators need not apply.

Traditional camps beat sports camps.

In today’s world, watching has overcome doing. That’s why parents keep sending their children to Camp Lenox. They realize that by summer’s end, their child has spent seven weeks “unplugged,” playing sports, living outdoors in a mountain sanctuary, eating healthy meals, and making real friends while doing real things.

Life is co-ed.

So is Lenox.

Co-ed camps just work better than single-gender camps.

Traditional camps beat sports camps.

By the time teen camp rolls around, boys and girls in our oldest age groups are like brothers and sisters. They’ve spent their days participating in a wide variety of activities, excelling in their areas of interest, and getting along with different people: each boy or girl knows who they are in camp, and they’re comfortable with it. There’s no pressure to show off or “dress to impress.” During social events, structure and supervision ensures that every boy and girl knows how to act around each other. We want our campers to interact naturally and develop friendships, instead of rushing into more complicated relationships.


Lenox is the way our “real world” ought to be.

No outsiders

inside Lenox.

While school often divides, Lenox unites.

Traditional camps beat sports camps.

Schools provide essential socialization for children but may inadvertently isolate them as well; either as select members of an “in-group” or as outsiders. Administrators and parents witness the consequences – bullying and loneliness – but feel helpless to address this growing problem.

Camp Lenox is the solution.


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