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Years of Camping

Under Moss Family ownership since 1964. Learn more about Our Directors below. 


Camper to Staff Ratio

Campers will get the individual attention that is needed for them to thrive.


Co-Ed Campers

Camp Lenox is a co-ed camp for a simple reason: life is co-ed. Our community is tight-nit. Lenox is big enough to meet a lot of new friends, but small enough to offer the individual attention that kids need. No one gets lost in the crowd.


Acres of Camp Property

Getting away from the crowded, always-on bustle of daily life requires a generous helping of the outdoors. Lenox’s beautiful property has it all.



Campers can specialize and hone their athletic skills, or round out the summer with a full-range of exciting new activities to discover.


Week Camp Session

Two, half-summer sessions are also available for an abbreviated Lenox experience. 


Years Old

Lenox is a full-summer camp, but it’s not a one-summer experience. Campers regularly come at a young age and attend every summer, many of them returning after their Collegian year as staff members.

Memories and Fun!

Lenox provides an experience like none other!

"The kids have not stopped talking about their time at Lenox since we picked them up. I was nervous about sending Max this summer since he is younger than when his sisters started but he LOVED it. He was over the moon and is totally hooked!" -Taisha, Parent

"Camp means so much to me, it's my home away from home" -Noam, Camper

"What an incredible honor to cap off what will likely be the best summer the kids have ever had. As parents, we have been welcomed and impressed at every turn. Our kids have been transformed. They have felt the love and attention from your entire crew." -Kate, Parent


And now... Introducing,

Rich Moss


Rich started as a camper at Lenox when his father, Monty “Coach” Moss, bought Camp Lenox in 1964. Over the years that followed, Rich worked his way up as a Junior Counselor, Counselor, Group Leader, and Program Director. He played college basketball as a walk-on at the University of Vermont as well as earning degrees in Education and Psychology. He joined his father as co-director in 1983.

Together with his wife Stephanie, Rich runs camp year-round. He interviews prospective staff, meets with parents, and oversees the day-to-day operations of camp during the summer. During the off-season, he recruits campers, sharing his vision with new families. He spends lots of time scheduling tournaments for the camp, based upon his personal knowledge of the campers and their interests.

The tight-knit, fun-loving Lenox community directly reflects Rich’s character and his pro-active, funny personality. Rich keeps things loose, while his calm, focused leadership style keeps Lenox on track and earns the respect of the staff.

Stephanie Moss


Stephanie attended Chippewa Ranch Camp in Wisconsin for 13 summers. She worked on staff while earning a Business degree from the University of Miami. In 2003, she came to Lenox as the Girls Camp Director. She and Rich married the following year and Stephanie joined the Lenox directorship. The continued growth of Camp Lenox is due in large part to her energy, creativity, and managerial skills.


In the off season, Stephanie interviews staff members, develops new programming, and helps recruit new families. During the summer, you can see her leading Girls Camp events, working closely with the staff, and overseeing day-to-day camp life. Stephanie’s enthusiasm and love of life helps make each camper’s summer special and is sure to bring a smile to children of all ages.


Monty "Coach" Moss


Monty Moss – “Coach” as he is affectionately and universally known at camp – is one of the remaining members of our Greatest Generation. He grew up during the Great Depression and served in the Marines during WWII.

Camp Lenox originated in 1918 and was bought by Coach in 1964. He was a PE teacher and a high school coach in Great Neck, Long Island at the time. Monty immediately began hiring a variety of sports instructors to develop a new concept in camping: specialty sports programming. This idea quickly spread throughout camping and is now a foundation to many programs in the Northeast. Monty “Coach” Moss received the lifetime achievement award of “Legends in Camping” from the American Camping association in 2006. Many alumni still reminisce about “going to camp” with Coach and his special brand of boys camping.

Coach recently turned 97, but remains extremely active at camp. He regularly grabs the mic to tell stories or teach new campers old songs from his childhood. “What is it no one can take away from you?" he asks. “Your good name!” scores of young voices have shouted back in reply, eagerly learning the character lessons Coach has modeled for over 50 years.

rich and coach.jpg

Rich started as a 10-year-old camper at Lenox when Coach first bought the camp. 

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