Expectations & Responsibilities

Becoming a camp counselor at Camp Lenox requires a very special skill set and may not be for everyone. Prospective staff need to be mature, responsible men and women ages 19 and up who’ve completed at least one year of college. They also need to enjoy working with children in a residential setting and have strong social skills. Staff members will go through a 1-week orientation program and a 7-week camp experience during the summer.

Who Will Be Hired?

If you are hired, you will spend the summer living, eating, playing, and sharing with your group of campers. Your first and foremost responsibility is your group’s health, well-being, and happiness. They will spend most of their time with you, and your influence on their lives is profound. Be prepared for everything from counseling quiet and homesick campers to teaching activities five hours a day. Camp counseling is an incredibly dynamic experience that will have a grand impact on your life.

Appearance & Attitude

You will be expected to maintain a clean and professional appearance at all times and to respect the buildings and facilities as if they were your own. Camp spirit means a lot at Lenox, and you should be prepared to keep things upbeat with your infectious enthusiasm.

I love the spirit and the energy at camp. Every day is full of it and that is one thing I know will never change.
Zach B, Staffer

Your body language is a powerful form of communication. We expect you to be enthusiastic and to look it. You should smile, not frown. Your speech should be free from profanity or other harmful words. Alcohol, tobacco, and controlled substances are strictly prohibited everywhere on campus. In addition to your group of campers, you will be responsible to protect and strengthen the entire camp community.

An Ability to Teach

Whatever activity you apply for should be something you love and have some expertise in. Just because you’re good at something, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to teach it. You will be expected to make your activity fun and engaging while providing plenty of opportunities for kids to excel. Be ready to contribute at camp with confidence, understanding, experience, and enthusiasm.


Lead by example! There won’t always be someone around to tell you what to do, and we love self-starters. Figure out what needs to be done then get out there and do it. Lenox is not a spectator camp, and we expect you to be a role model by participating in all group activities. Camp is fun, but it will also be demanding.

Days Off

Days at camp are long, with a busy schedule to maintain. Periods of rest and renewal are vital to a good summer. You will receive three nights off per week and five days off through the course of the summer. We want you to take full advantage of your time off so you’ll stay refreshed during the summer.

Be a Role Model

When Rich and Stephanie speak with parents about Lenox, they stress enrichment, safety, physical growth, and emotional well-being for children. That’s what you’re expected to provide. Remember: you’re taking care of other people’s kids. Your own personal actions speak louder than words when working with children. We expect you to uphold the ideals of Camp Lenox and be a great role model.

I enjoyed the responsibility, and it is really gratifying to have these kids look up to you, and strive to be better people…I felt like the kids respected me enough to really listen to what I had to say.
Chase Dippel, Counselor