When your campers hug you at the end of the season and tell you what a difference you’ve made in their lives — often with tears in their eyes — you’ll know all your effort was worth it. There is no satisfaction like watching your camper leave camp a better person than when he or she first arrived. After pouring yourself into their lives, you’ll find that you have grown tremendously as well.

This camp is a place where true relationships are built and it teaches us how to lead, how to inspire, and how to become better people overall. I’ve only had one Lenox summer, and I know it’s changed my life already.
Tracy M, Staffer

What you’ll learn

For one thing, you’ll learn to manage time well and always be on time. You won’t be able to hide behind your smartphone or your Facebook timeline — your leadership and communication skills will also increase dramatically. This will serve you well in college and job interviews, no matter what your major is or your professional interests are. The lifelong interpersonal and leadership skills you gain at Lenox will stand out in future interviews. Savvy employers and business leaders reviewing your resume will recognize the ambition, determination, and communication skills required to be a camp counselor. Whatever endeavor you choose to pursue in the future, your experience at Lenox will equip you for it.

Who you’ll meet

What I enjoy most at Camp Lenox is the community. The single best thing about Lenox is that you’re surrounded by people who care about you and are willing to help you no matter what.
Samantha K, Staffer

The camp’s rigorous recruitment standards ensure that your fellow staff members will demonstrate the same qualifications and dedication as you will. There will be many differences in background and geography amongst the staff, but we will all share a common vision: improving people’s lives.

Tommo was a beloved 10-year international staff member and Group Leader from Scotland. During his 11th summer at camp, he met Kelly, a recruit from a camp fair in Indiana, who became a Group Leader and volleyball coach. They spent a wonderful summer getting to know each other, and their relationship blossomed into something more than “camp friends.” Forty campers and staff traveled from across the United States and Europe to attend their wedding. All of Tommo’s groomsmen were from Lenox. Like many weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, and birthdays, the event was something of a Lenox reunion.

There is no stronger foundation for friendship than the pursuit of a common goal shared by all who come to camp. The relationships you form with campers and staff members will stand the test of time.

What you’ll make

The camp’s competitive salary includes room, board, laundry, and travel. You won’t have any expenses at camp so you can save most of what you make.

Apply or Learn More

If you’ve read through everything up to this point, way to go! You now have a sense of what makes a summer at Camp Lenox the toughest job you’ll ever love. If you share our excitement for this upcoming summer, please take a few minutes to contact us to request more information or submit your application online. Keep an eye on the staff profiles for an introduction to the dream team the directors are assembling for the upcoming summer! Will it include you?