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Parent Handbook 2021

Table of Contents

Important Info & Dates

Important Information

Contact Information

Package Information


Camper Accounts

Fee Structure

Refund Policy


Directions to Camp


Camper Travel


Phone Calls

Phone Calls

Cell Phones and Electronics

Package Information


Camper Medications

Medical Information


Head Lice

Visiting Weekend

Visiting Weekend 2021

Camper Protocols

Homesickness Protocol

Rule of 3

Vaping & Controlled Substances



Musical Instruments



Laundry Service


Camp Store


COVID-19 Mitigation Protocol


Important Information & Dates

New Camper Open House

Sunday, June 13th, 2021

11:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Camp Begins

Saturday, June 26th, 2021

First Session Departure

Tuesday, July 20th, 2021

Camp Ends

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Virtual Parents' Visiting Weekend

Sat-Sun July 17th - 18th

Second Session Arrival

Wednesday, July 21st 2021


Camp Lenox

1200 NW 17th Ave.

Suite 14

Delray Beach, FL 33445



Camp Lenox

2042 N Main Road

Otis, MA 01253

Please clearly mark your camper's bunk name or number. 

Phone Numbers

Year-Round Main Line: 413-243-2223

Summer Fax: 413-243-3446





Special circumstances that merit a package can be addressed by speaking to our office manager.

Please pass this information on to grandparents and other family and friends.


Camper Accounts

There are three types of accounts set up for each camper: the Camper’s Fund Account, the Camper’s Personal Spending Account and the Camp Store Account.

CAMPER’S FUND ACCOUNT: This is a set amount for each camper and is included in your monthly billing statement as a separate line item. These funds help defray the following expenses incurred during the camp season. This amount must be paid in full before camp begins and is non-refundable:

  1. Regularly scheduled day trips

  2. COVID Mitigation Fee

  3. Yearbook

  4. Laundry

  5. NEW! Beach towel service

  6. NEW! Campanion App

CAMPER’S PERSONAL SPENDING ACCOUNT: We discourage parents from sending campers with large sums of money. It is too difficult to ensure the safekeeping of this money. We recommend campers hold no more than $5 – $10 of cash in their cabins. To maintain more control of each camper’s personal spending money, we establish an account on behalf of each camper. Funds can be withdrawn from this account by your camper, with counselor approval. This account funds:

  • Prescriptions deemed necessary by the health cabin

  • Stamps

  • Camper purchases on day trips (i.e. the camp purchases the movie ticket; the camper purchases snacks)

  • Spending money on big trips (all meals, lodging and entertainment costs are paid for by the camp.)

CAMP STORE ACCOUNT: This is separate from the personal spending account. This is a discretionary account which funds items in the camp store other than candy and ice cream. A spending limit can be set by the parents. This account can be replenished online. Please note: Replenishment of the Camp Store Account does not automatically replenish the personal spending account. They are two separate accounts.

PERSONAL SPENDING & CAMPER FUND AMOUNTS BY GROUP: In the table below, you will find the Camper Fund and recommended Personal Spending for each age group. Please note the amounts included in Personal Spending for the Big Trips.

Group/Grade in Fall 2021

Personal Spending

Camper Fund

Braves & Explorers - 3rd & 4th



Warrior Scouts - 5th



Warrior Chiefs - 6th



Juniors - 7th



Sub-Seniors - 8th



Lower Seniors - 9th



Upper Seniors - 10th



Collegians - 11th & Lenox Leaders - 12th



CAMPER FUND FOR HALF-SESSION: First Session: $275. Second Session: $275.

You will be notified when your camper’s account has an insufficient balance. Camp allots a specific amount of money stated above for Big Trips. If parents want children to have more than a specific amount, please send a prepaid credit card. At the end of camp, you may instruct the camp to either refund any unused portion of the Personal Spending Account or apply the amount as a credit towards next summer’s balance.

Fee Structure

PAYMENT METHODS: Camp Lenox accepts checks, wire transfers, and automatic check debit (e-checks) for tuition payments. Please make checks payable to Camp Lenox.

It is understood that after registration and a deposit of $2500, the remaining balance – whether by check or e-check – will be processed in equal monthly payments from the time of registration. The final installment will be in May. All bills must be paid in full by June 1st. Any changes in this policy need to be submitted in writing and approved by the Directors.

Refund Policy

STANDARD CONDITIONS OF ENROLLMENT: Please read the Standard Conditions of Enrollment on your Registration Contract. Parent agrees to pay a deposit of $2500 for each camper enrolled, whether for a full or half summer session (including a $100 non-refundable application fee) upon submission of an enrollment application.
All tuition payments are due in full on or before June 1st.


Cancellation of enrollment shall be by written notice to Camp Lenox and any refunds of tuition paid shall be handed as follows:

  • In the event that Camp receives a proper cancellation on or before October1, 2020 the full amount of tuition paid to date less the aforementioned $100 application shall be refunded

  • In the event that Camp receives a proper cancellation notice on or before October 1, 2020 but prior to January 1, 2021, the full amount of tuition to date less the aforementioned $100 application fee and a $500 cancellation fee per camper shall be refunded.

  • In the event that Camp receives a proper cancellation notice on or before January 1st, 2021 but prior to March 15th, 2021, the full amount of tuition paid to date less the aforementioned $100 application fee and a $1000 cancellation fee per camper shall be refunded.

  • In the event that Camp receives a proper cancellation notice on or following March 15th, 2021 no tuition to date shall be refunded.

  • Any refunds payable in accordance with the foregoing shall be paid in accordance with Camp’s refund policies with an expected payment date on or about May 1st, 2021.

  • In the event that any tuition or other fees payable to camp have not been paid in full prior to the first day of the session that the camper is scheduled to attend, camp shall have the right to cancel such campers enrollment and retain all tuition paid to date with respect to such camper.

  • Due to fixed costs and expenditures based on definite enrollment and dates, no refunds or reductions can be made for entering late or withdrawing early. However, if a camper becomes ill and the camp physician recommends his/her withdrawal, a pro-rata refund or one-half difference of camp time missed, will be made.

  • COVID related refund requests made prior to January, 21st 2021 will be honored. Subsequent refund requests after this date will be processed in accordance with above policies.

  • Transportation is an additional fee.

For further information on Camp Lenox enrollment policies please refer to your registration agreement.

CAMPER TUITION INSURANCE:  Camper tuition insurance is available (for domestic campers only) through Trip Mate, the Program Protector Plan. This plan includes a package of benefits including program cancellation and interruption, travel delay, medical expense/emergency assistance, baggage, and more. Have questions about this plan? Contact a Program Protector Customer Service Representative at 800.423.3632 or


Arrival Travel

This summer, for the health and safety of our community, campers will arrive at camp either by CAR or AIR. There will be no chartered bus service to camp this summer. 


BY CAR: Parents will choose a time slot for arrival on the Camper Arrival Travel 2021 form, found on your camper's dashboard, and will first stop at the Lee Premium Outlets (Lee, MA) to check-in. There, every camper will be rapid tested and will wait in their family’s vehicle until given an entrance ticket to head to camp. All cars must stop at the Lee Premium Outlets prior to entering camp. Cars without a valid entrance ticket will not be permitted on our grounds. At the gate, parents will provide the entrance ticket and be directed to the traffic circle to unload. All family members and campers must wear masks during this process, and parents will not be allowed to leave their cars. Also note, parents will not be permitted to bring duffles by car due to the volume of cars arriving on opening day.

BY AIR: All families whose children are flying must contact our winter office at 413.243.2223. Camp will provide airport transportation for campers on the following dates only: June 25th (beginning of camp arrival), July 20th (first session departure), July 21st (second session arrival), and August 14th (end of camp departure). Campers arriving or departing camp at times other than our pre-scheduled session times should contact camp for transportation to/from the airport. We cannot guarantee that we will have staffing for individual service, but will hire a driver at the parent’s expense if required.

All campers will be picked up and dropped off at the airport. Note: Campers flying to camp arrive June 25th, the day before camp begins (June 26th). This will allow everyone a leisurely time to settle in. Please inform camp of all travel arrangements!

Children flying from Florida will meet their escorts outside the security area for JetBlue, which is located in Terminal 3 at the Ft. Lauderdale Airport. Campers should wear orange t-shirts and pack a snack in their carry-on bags. The escorts will be wearing Camp Lenox Staff shirts. Make sure you check-in with your escorts as soon as you arrive in the terminal. Please arrive at the terminal no later than 8:30 AM. Remember: Carry-on bags ONLY — no checked luggage will be allowed on group flights to or from camp. The JetBlue flight from camp on August 14th arrives in West Palm Beach at 2:40 PM. Please meet your camper at the security checkpoint.

NOTE: All campers will be provided an N-95 mask to wear during travel. 

SECOND SESSION: Campers arriving for second session will also arrive by car or air to camp.

Bus transportation will not be available. 

BY CAR: A testing area will be setup in the lower parking lot. All families should arrive to camp between 9am-12pm on Wednesday, July 21st.

BY AIR: Please see above.  

Departure Travel


August 14th

Arrives 11:00 AM

Roosevelt Field Mall

630 Old Country Rd.

Garden City, NY


Macy's SW Parking Lot


Campers from Long Island. 


Campers from Westchester, Rockland, Riverdale, Connecticut, Brooklyn, & Manhattan

July 20th & August 14th

Arrives 10:30 AM

Pier 1 Imports

427 Boston Post Rd.

Port Chester, NY


Main Parking Lot


Campers from New Jersey

August 14th

Arrives 11:00 AM

Saddle Brook Marriott

138 New Pehle Ave.

Saddlebrook, NJ


Main Parking Lot


PICKING UP BY CAR: After Session I (July 20th) & After Session II (August 14th): 
Camper pickup is between 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM.

BY AIR: Please plan to pick up your camper at Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) at 1:30 PM.

CAMPER RELEASE: Please be aware that a child may only be released to parents or a designated individual. If it is going to be a designated individual, the parent should email the office with the relevant information so we have a written copy. 
If, for any reason, your child will not be at the designated pick-up location as expected, please contact the office as soon as possible. The office will then contact the lead chaperone for the trip and pass on the relevant information. If necessary the chaperone will call to coordinate with you.

BY COACH BUS: Buses will be available for departure from camp. Please sign up on the Forms Dashboard and see details below. 

Directions to Camp

FROM BOSTON: I-90 West to Exit 2 (Lee exit). Route 20 East, left off MA Pike, for approximately 10 miles. Make a right onto Route 8 South. Go approximately 2 miles and the camp entrance is on the left. LANDMARKS: Shaw Pond on left – take 1st left after you see the lake. Camp Lenox sign and white farmhouse at hairpin turn.

FROM NEW YORK CITY AREA VIA TACONIC PARKWAY: Henry Hudson Parkway to Saw Mill River Parkway to Hawthorne, NY where it intersects with the Taconic State Parkway. Take Taconic Parkway North to the end (near Albany NY). Get on I-90 East (MA Turnpike, towards Boston). Get off at Exit 2 (Lee exit) then follow directions as those from Boston.
VIA ROUTE 8/WESTCHESTER & CONNECTICUT: Take Hutchinson River Parkway North to I-684 North. Go to Exit 9 (Route 84). Take Route 84 Eastbound to Exit 20 (Route 8 in Waterbury, CT). Take Route 8 North to the end (Winsted, CT). At the end of the expressway there is a traffic light. Make a right at the traffic light. Go to the 2nd traffic light (landmark: CVS) and make a right onto Route 8 North. Continue on Route 8 through the town of Otis, MA. Continue on Route 8 past the Otis Poultry Farm. Camp Lenox is 1 mile ahead on the right. At white farmhouse and Camp Lenox sign, make a right turn.

VIA CONNECTICUT TURNPIKE: Take I-95 North to Bridgeport-Exit 27A. Follow signs to Route 8 North. The expressway ends in Winsted, CT. Follow directions above from Winsted, CT to camp.

Baggage Information

CAMP TRUCKING will be providing "soft" trunk delivery service from your home to Camp. They offer service NATIONWIDE to all Lenox campers in the continental United States. To receive the best pricing for Round-Trip or One-Way Service, register online before May 1st at Online enrollment ends June 1st for First Session/Full Summer Campers and July 3rd for Second Session Campers. You may call them after these dates at 970-949-0690. Due to space limitations, campers are prohibited from bringing baggage on camp buses, however, a small carry on bag is permitted.

FLORIDA FAMILIES: All Florida families must ship luggage ahead of time. Baggage cannot be sent on the plane.

FAMILIES FROM OVERSEAS: Families residing overseas may send their baggage (soft trunks and duffel bags only) with their children. Linens, blankets and towels will be provided by the camp.



Phone Calls

POLICY & PROTOCOL: Each full session camper, with the exception of the Collegian boys and girls,* will have 3 scheduled phone calls over the summer. Each camper’s group will be assigned specific dates and hours to make their phone calls. Your child will be able to speak to you for ten minutes. If a camper’s parents are living apart, the camper be able to speak to both parents during their phone time. You will be notified of your child’s assigned dates and times in the spring. If there is a need for us to reschedule because a camper is involved in an important activity we will do our best to accommodate both the camper and the family. We will call you in advance to discuss any changes. Phone calls begin on July 1st and end on August 4th. Campers attending the second session only will make their second phone call on August 4th. Naturally, if you have concerns about your child you may call us directly. After speaking with you, we can mutually decide upon a strategy to address your situation. Richard and Stephanie Moss are always available to address any concerns you may have.


*COLLEGIAN PHONE USE: It is a Collegian privilege to have limited cell phone use for the summer. The boys and girls will be able to access their phones during designated periods.


BIRTHDAY CALLS: Your child will be entitled to make one call home on his/her birthday between the hours of 8:45 AM and 9:45 AM. Please do not attempt to call the camp on your child’s birthday because it is disruptive to the camper’s activities.

Cell Phones & Electronics

Cell Phones are NOT PERMITTED at Camp Lenox. Please make sure your children DO NOT bring their phones to camp. Campers are not allowed to bring computers, tablets, DVD Players, iPod touches or any device that allows for texting or internet access. These items will be confiscated and sent home at the parent’s expense. E-readers, MP3 players with no screens (e.g. AGPTEK G02 8GB Clip MP3 from Amazon) and cameras are allowed in camp at the parent’s discretion. Camp is not responsible for any lost or broken items.

CYBER-BULLYING AND HARASSMENT: It has happened at camps around the country that a few campers have sent rude or intimidating emails or text messages to other campers, or have created false screen names to harass members of the camp community and to spread false and damaging information about them. We want to make sure the internet communication is fun, positive and an important way for campers to stay in touch with their friends. We are always available to discuss steps you and your child should take should they receive an abusive, demeaning, otherwise threatening or inappropriate Internet communication. If anyone in the Camp Lenox community is found to have cyber- bullied or harassed another member of the camp community, they will not be invited back to camp.



Medical Information

Camp Lenox strives to provide the highest level of safety and medical care. Care is managed by a physician and a nursing staff member. In the event your camper should become ill or injured during his/her stay at camp; the following procedures will be followed:

  1. If your camper comes to the health cabin with a minor injury or illness, i.e. laceration, scrape, sprain, headache, sore throat, nausea, etc. we will provide the necessary medical care and allow him/her to continue his/her activities at camp without interruption, if possible. In this instance we will NOT contact you. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide follow-up care as necessary.

  2. In the event of a more significant illness or injury, i.e. prescription of antibiotics or other medicine longer than a 2 day course of therapy, fractures, admittance to our inpatient wing with a stay of more than 1 night or evaluation by a specialist or emergency department, we will contact you as early as possible without compromising rapid assessment, care, and treatment. Please note you will most likely be contacted by one of our medical staff, as they are the most familiar with the situation at hand. If you wish, you may request to speak with a Director at any time. Of course, we will endeavor to contact you whenever possible.


CAMPER MEDICATIONS: All camp families are REQUIRED to register with Pack My RX. If your child takes any prescription medications, over the counter medication, vitamins or supplements, we require that you use their service. All pills will be sealed in individually labeled packets (camper name, medication name, dosage, date and time to be administered). All medicine will be shipped to camp prior to your camper’s arrival. DO NOT send loose pills or any unauthorized medication to camp with your child! Please review the Pack My RX information packet that was recently mailed to your family. Please register at Non-compliance will result in a $100 fine.


MEDICAL INFORMATION – DENTAL: It is advisable that the camper’s teeth be examined by the camper’s dentist now so that any needed work may be completed before departing for camp. All retainers must have the camper’s FULL NAME on the case. If the camper is undergoing orthodontic treatment, send any special instructions along with the medical form.


EYEGLASSES/CONTACT LENSES: If glasses are worn by the camper, it is suggested that an extra pair be included with proper identification. Lenses should be shatter-proof. Elastic clip-ons that fit around the head and attach to the eyeglass frames are recommended for use during games and instructional periods. Contact lens information plus instructions should be sent to camp.


HEAD LICE: Due to the increased incidence of head lice in the school systems, we strongly advise that you ask your physician to check your camper for any indication of this condition. We ask that all parents check their children often during the month of June, including a FINAL CHECK on departure day. We will check all campers and staff for head lice upon their arrival at camp. We will immediately notify any camper’s parents if any head lice are discovered. You will be financially responsible for any treatment thereafter. THE COST FOR A FULL TREATMENT FOR ANY HEAD LICE CASE ENTERING CAMP IS $375.

* This camp must comply with regulations of the MDPH & be licensed by the LBOH.

** You have the right to review our background check, health care, discipline policies and grievance procedures upon request.

Visiting Weekend

VIRTUAL VISITING WEEKEND 2021: As much as we love Visiting Day and seeing all of our amazing parents, at this time, visiting day will be virtual. We will allow a special package for your camper and ensure no one misses out on feeling a sense of family and connection on this day.


We will allow extra time for extended video conferencing with your child. Your camper's group will be assigned a time to video call home. Please download the Google Duo app before Visiting Weekend to help us make this a seamless and enjoyable process.


PACKAGE POLICY EXCEPTION: To make this weekend special for your child, you are permitted to send a bunk gift or one package to your camper a package that they can open while on the call. Please do NOT send any food, water balloons, or water blasters.  





Homesickness Protocol

DO’S AND DON’TS: For first time camp families the #1 concern is adjusting to camp and homesickness. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the summer:

  • Encourage your child’s independence throughout the year. Practice separations, such as sleepovers at a friend’s house or grandparents. This can simulate the camp environment.

  • Never say, “If the summer doesn’t work out and you’re unhappy, we’ll come and pick you up.” This does not ease apprehension and only creates a guideline for going home and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The reward for this positive approach will be your child’s new found confidence and independence.

  • Camp is a big step into the unknown and a good change for you and your child. It is completely normal to have mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety. Don’t feel guilty about encouraging your child’s stay at camp. For many children, camp is a first step toward independence and plays an important role in their growth and development.

  • Send a note in your camper’s bag for them to receive on the first day of camp. Acknowledge, in a positive way, that you will miss them. For example, you can say “I am going to miss you, but I know that you will have a great time at camp.”

  • DO NOT OVERREACT to a negative phone call, letter, or email. For example, consider the context: the letter was written 3 days ago probably reflecting a “bad morning.”

  • PROBE FOR POSITIVES NOT NEGATIVES. When talking with your child ask him/her to relate positive experiences, stories and events.

  • CHILDREN USE NEGATIVITY in stories/situations to initiate a RESCUE RESPONSE from you. This is not unusual and assures a child that his/her parents are still there for him/her. This form of bonding can be directed toward the positive and ultimately saves both parent and child a lot of heartache. Trust your instincts — most incidents of homesickness will pass in a day or two. Homesickness is a normal emotion that most new campers experience. It passes quickly as your child becomes accustomed to the daily routines of camp.

  • We will be in contact with you should homesickness or bunk problems develop. If a problem occurs please contact the Directors, Richard or Stephanie Moss. Most problems are remedied by early intervention. Whether it is a personal or program related issue, chances are we’ve dealt with it before. Remember, parents and camp are a team.

Rule of 3

It is important to have the discussion with your camper about safety at camp. The catch phrase is "Rule of 3" which means: never go anywhere alone, or be alone in a room with a staff member. Always have a third person along, whether it's another camper or counselor. Your camper should always feel safe at Camp Lenox.

Vaping & Controlled Substances

Camp Lenox is committed to providing a fun and exciting program in a safe and secure environment. We also understand that the teenage years can bring an increased desire to experiment with drugs, alcohol, tobacco products and other controlled substances. To our minds, camp is not a place for this experimentation and negatively impacts our camp community. Camp is a time and place to be free of social pressures and precocious activities, which are not part of our camp culture.
Please be aware that vapes, cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, or any other controlled substances are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN at Camp Lenox. Any camper who is found in possession of these will face disciplinary actions, and be suspended or expelled from camp at the discretion of the directors. In either case there will be no tuition refunds for the time missed at camp.
Please take some time to discuss this with your child and avoid the unpleasantness of a poor decision on their part.


JEWELRY: We would appreciate it if all earrings, rings, and necklaces are left at home. Camp Policy: Jewelry is NOT worn during daily hours 7:30 AM through 8:30 PM. We are not responsible for lost jewelry!


MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: If your child plays an instrument please bring it to camp. We have talent shows and need musicians for our Big Camp Play. Parents assume all liability for their child’s instrument.


HAIRCUTS: All boys and girls should have their summer hair cut before arrival at camp. Boys should have relatively short neat cuts — hair seems to grow faster in the summer months!


LINENS: Campers should bring 1 pillow, 2 pillowcases, 2 sets of sheets, towels, and either 2 blankets or a sleeping bag. International campers will be provided with bedding and towels for showering.


LAUNDRY SERVICE: Laundry is professionally cleaned each week. The campers will be provided with a laundry bag when they arrive at camp. However, it is advisable for each camper to have an extra bag for while their laundry is out being laundered. Campers should also bring 6 plastic hangers for use in the bunk. Please use camper name tags, stickers, or indelible marker on all items.


BIRTHDAYS: Birthdays at Camp Lenox are very special. Parents can arrange for a bunk party with their camper’s Group Leader. If adequate funds are available, parents may direct Group Leaders to withdraw money to be used for camper birthday celebrations. The campers and staff in their group have dinner together, separate from the rest of camp, and enjoy either Chinese or Italian food. Camp Lenox will supply a birthday cake and happily accommodate any special requests from families to ensure a memorable day.

UNRECOGNIZED PERSONS AT CAMP: All guests are required to check-in at the security gate and will be given a visitor pass. Staff will approach any individual that is not a part of the camp community and ascertain who they are and why they are in camp. Staff are also asked to direct whomever it is to the office and, if possible, provide an escort. We want to make sure that visitors are not allowed to wander the grounds on their own. 


Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 11.56.36

Don't Forget:

  • 10 days prior to camp, refrain from attending large gatherings, crowded indoor establishments such as restaurants and retail locations, and leisure travel. 

  • Perform and mail your camper's COVID test 72 hours before your camper arrives.

  • Fill out required waivers for Special Programs and Trips on the  Forms Dashboard .

  • Download the packing list

  • Contact The Camp Spot to order required camp gear

  • Register your camper with Pack My RX. Schedule your child’s camp physical. No child will be permitted into camp without required forms completed and uploaded by June 1st.

  • RSVP by June 1st for New Camper Open House (to be held on Sunday, June 13th).

  • Register with Camp Trucking to arrange pickup and delivery of your camper’s duffel bags.

  • Leave valuables at home, including all electronics! Do not bring them to camp!

  • Download the Campanion App for camp photos, letters, and news!

COVID-19 Dashboard