Why Lenox?

Active Participants Welcome!

Passive spectators need not apply.

Remember when we voluntarily gathered on open fields and neighborhood streets to initiate our own games? Where have all the “street games” gone? Today’s accelerated, digitally-driven world threatens to turn our naturally active children into spectators, instead of participants, in the game of life.

On Saturday mornings, music mingles with the cool mountain air as campers rise for another action-packed day at Lenox. It opens with elective registration for the coming week. Campers can’t wait to sign up for the Morning and Afternoon Electives they want to specialize in. As each age group is called, kids descend upon the tables in waves!

Beyond the electives, imaginative group leaders lead exciting group periods that make each day unique. Intramural leagues, Ga-Ga, hatchet hunts, hikes, dodgeball, flag football, and capture the flag are just some of the exciting activities kids love to do.

In today’s world, watching has overcome doing. That’s why parents keep sending their children to Camp Lenox. They realize that by summer’s end, their child has spent seven weeks “unplugged,” playing sports, living outdoors in a mountain sanctuary, eating healthy meals, and making real friends while doing real things.

Where else does that happen these days?