Why Lenox?

Athletes Prefer Traditional Camps

A traditional summer camp beats any sports camp – especially for athletes.

If a boy or girl plays sports regularly at home, they’ve probably considered going to a specialty sports camp. There’s plenty of them. Many AAU coaches even hold practices during the summer and call it “sports camp.” There’s no replacement for a serious, traditional summer camp experience though – especially for athletes looking to improve their game.

At Lenox, campers learn under top national high school coaches and athletic instructors. Whatever the sport, they compete alongside motivated players from around the world. Lessons learned during elective and group periods are applied during intramural leagues, inter-camp games, and tournaments.

Morning and afternoon electives allow campers to tailor a schedule toward their preferences. For example, Emily first came to Lenox to try new activities and discovered a love of tennis. She selected tennis for her elective every week of the summer and took up regular lessons the following school year. After another summer of instruction at Lenox, she’s become a top tournament player.

Whatever campers select for their elective periods, required group periods provide the cross-training to produce well-rounded athletes. Pursuing a variety of activities balances muscle groups, improves coordination, and promotes general well-being. This helps athletes avoid the burn-out that often follows relentless practice of a single sport.

Travel players often have to keep up with strict training regimens or workout schedules, but this doesn’t have to keep them from camp. Conner came to camp as a travel soccer player and required extra training to stay in condition. He worked one-on-one with a personal trainer and a soccer instructor, but this extra training didn’t take him away from his daily camp schedule: He was able to “fit this in” during the daily Flex period. When Conner returned home, he was in great shape and ready to hit the road with his team.

Camp Lenox improves upon all of the purported advantages of a sports camp while giving campers a summer they’ll never forget.