Why Lenox?

Why Lenox?

It’s a question the directors answer a lot. There are other camps out there and even more ways to spend the summer.

The Lenox Camper

For Rich and Stephanie, its all about the campers. Lenox campers are a lively, diverse bunch of kids but they all have some things in common, thanks to their shared experiences at the camp they love. They’re active participants in life often possessing well-rounded athletic abilities. They interact naturally with others, equally comfortable around old friends and new faces, boys and girls alike. If this describes your son or daughter — or if you would like it to — Lenox is just the camp you’re looking for.

For participants.Not spectators. Lenox campers don’t watch, they engage.
Athletes prefertraditional camps. Did you know traditional camps beat sports camps?
Life is co-ed.So is Lenox. A camp for boys and girls
No outsidersinside Lenox. Every camper finds a place at camp