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Zach Plotkin

Zach Plotkin (pictured left), known at camp as only Soup, is FIRED UP to be back IN THE BERKSHIRES – his favorite place in the entire universe – for his 12th summer, third on staff. This summer, Soup is “absolutely STOKED” to be the Group Leader for the BEST group in camp, the Chief Boys. During the school year, Soup began his studies at the Close School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University in Philadelphia, pursing a degree in Entrepreneurship. “A lot of my classes in entrepreneurship this year have taught me critical lessons in life that can be used in virtually any camp setting.” Over the hockey season, Soup played for Drexel’s DII Ice Hockey Team, winning their division’s championship. During AIC’s, you can catch Soup at the hockey rink, blading it up with THE BOYS and sniping tendys. From Soup himself, “I’M chomping at the bit to get to camp and I’M ABSOLUTELY PUMPED to make Summer 2019 the best one yet! “