Visiting Camp

If you would like to visit camp during any of the following events, please consult the Calendar for dates and times.

Visiting Day

For Camp Families

Director Stephanie Moss meets with parents on Visiting DayDirector Stephanie Moss meets with parents on Visiting Day

Parents are encouraged to visit their children during one fun-filled day each summer. They will meet instructors and counselors, observe their child participating in their favorite activities, and join the entire camp for a gourmet buffet lunch. Visiting day ends at 3:30. Campers in the 10th and 11th grades may leave camp with their families and return by 7:30.

The day isn’t just for parents either. Siblings, grandparents, other family members, and friends are also welcome to attend. Pets are not allowed — please leave them at home.

Rookie Days

For prospective campers and their families

The Saturday before and the Saturday following Visiting Day are set aside as Rookie Days, and this summer we are offering a Rookie Twilight Experience on Friday Night. Prospective campers and their families may visit camp on those days, participate in activities, and eat in the dining room with the entire camp. Activities are chosen from a select schedule and include fun on the water as well as the land.

While their kids are playing alongside the regular campers, parents take a tour of the camp and are then free to explore the Berkshires before returning to pick up their children at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Touring the Camp

For prospective campers and their families

The Lenox camp officeThe Lenox camp office

In addition to the Rookie Day tours mentioned above, guided tours are available at convenient times throughout the summer. It’s a great opportunity to get all of your questions answered! Contact the camp office to schedule a tour before arrival. Walk-ins and impromptu tours are not permitted. Please check the dates for Visiting Day and Rookie Days before calling as no tours are scheduled during those events.

When NOT to Come to Camp

For current families

While parents are encouraged to attend Visiting Day, regular visits disrupt the natural flow of camp, especially for other campers. As a result, we do not encourage “popping-in” to visit your camper at other times.

New Camper Open House

For new campers and their families

New campers and their families may visit camp during Open House, held on a Saturday two weeks before the start of camp. Come and take a tour, meet staff, and join in a barbecue lunch, while your kids participate in some fun activities. It’s just a taste of what awaits them during the summer!