Travel & Baggage

To make Opening Day as easy as possible for you, we provide round-trip charter bus transportation for all campers and facilitate baggage service through Camp Trucking

Transportation to Camp

Chartered Buses

Four charter buses travel to camp on Opening Day:

  • The New Jersey bus departs from the Garden Plaza Hotel in Saddlebrook, NJ
  • The 2 Westchester buses depart from Pier 1 Imports in Port Chester, NY
    *The Long Island bus departs from Macy’s parking lot at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City.

Each bus picks up campers the first day of camp and then returns them to the same location at the end of the summer. Parents may select and sign up for a bus via the “dashboard” in their online accounts. Departure days and times are released to camp families via the Parent Handbook in early February.

Flying to Camp

Wherever your camper is flying from, the camp office likes to make sure there will be other campers on the flight, if possible. Transportation to and from the airport is provided for ALL fliers.

Florida Campers

Parents of campers flying from Florida must notify the camp office to sign up their children for the group flight to and from camp. Lenox provides chaperones for all group flights to and from camp and doesn’t want anyone left out.

For full-summer campers, Lenox books flights for the arrival in June and the departure at the end of the summer in August.

For half-summer campers, the camp office assigns flights for departure and arrival, but parents are responsible to book the flights themselves.

Other U.S. Campers

Parents with campers flying from other states outside of Florida should contact the camp office to arrange their children’s flights and coordinate departure times with other camp families.

International Campers

Parents of international campers should also contact the camp office to find an assigned flight. They will then be responsible to book the flight themselves.

Driving to Camp

If you are planning on driving your camper to Lenox, refer to our Parent Handbook for arrival and pick-up times, which must be observed. Early drop-offs or late pickups are not permitted.


Camp Lenox works with Camp Trucking to transport camper baggage to and from camp. Register with Camp Trucking Baggage will be picked up 7-10 days before camp and returned within one week after camp.

Camp Trucking is available for door to door families anywhere in the United States.

The camp provides linens, blankets, and towels for international campers. More details on luggage pickup and delivery may be found in the Parent Handbook.