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Thank you from Cheyanne!

To all the amazing Campers and Counselors at Camp Lenox who I can now call my friends. I’m sorry if I came off a little scary at first, I know my growl can be a little intimidating. But, I was adopted by my Mom and Dad just eight months ago, and I had never met so many humans in such a short time…ever! The tremendous amount of love, rolls in the grass, games of fetch, and numerous belly rubs have made my summer days extremely memorable. You have accepted me as your new camp dog with wide open arms, and I know that I had very large paws to fill!

I will miss watching all of you head down to the dining room every meal…then anticipating you walking back up that steep rocky road, where I can greet you once again…and hope for more playtime together.

I will miss playing with your softballs, footballs and kickballs…then popping them with pure pleasure!

I will miss all the extra treats from my secret friends…boy will I miss you!

I will miss my buddies at the waterfront who helped me conquer my fear of the water. I actually love it now, but from what I hear, some campers didn’t like it when I played with them on the beach…I’m sorry if I hurt you; I don’t know my strength sometimes.

I will miss racing (barking at) the golf carts and the Camp Road Runners…you really kept me in shape!

I wish I could have caught more mice for you…my Dad was a little hesitant with the outcome; but he had high hopes in me catching those geese!

From what I can see, and I see a lot, all of you here at Lenox are really terrific. It’s amazing how everyone supports each other, and how you make each other laugh…really laugh, you people are really funny! Don’t you see the huge smile on my face every day? What a special community of people, and knowing that many of you will be in my life for a long time makes me SUPER happy!

What will I do when all my best friends leave? Camp will get so quiet and it will be just me and my Mom and Dad. Yea, they are fun and everything, but spending the last 8 weeks with all of you have been the best 8 weeks of my life, granted I’m only one and a half. I can’t believe I get to do this every summer…I am the luckiest and most grateful dog in the world! You should feel really lucky too! You have just experienced 7 weeks without parents, building forever, unconditional friendships in the bunks and all around camp! No doggie treat could ever compare to that!


Thank you for being my friends…and being so kind to me and showing me all the secret hiding and hunting places in camp. What everyone says is really true, “camp friends are the best friends”. I will do my own count down until I can sniff those buses come rolling down the camp road once again…and welcome you with a full frontal jump and a wet kiss! Until then, hold on to our fantastic memories, and keep the torch burning!




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