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December 16th was a day to remember. A group of 200 strong Lenoxites and staff descended upon SportTime USA and the energy was incredible. From the moment the doors opened at 11:00 AM, until the last person sauntered out at 2:15PM, the excitement and warmth never stopped flowing. The yelps, joyous screams, hugs, and high fives were fast and furious. Campers ran from arcade game to arcade game laughing, joking, and chattering against the automated background of pinball machine pings, ra-ta-ta’s, and other high pitched gaming sounds. Funny and memorable camp stories echoed throughout the building and could be heard in every corner. Reconnecting after 4 long months of camp withdrawal was nothing less than exhilarating. For a brief spell, we were once again “at camp” regardless of the cold winter reality just outside the doors.

Both Stephanie and I were able to step back for a lone minute and view all this wonderment with a genuine sense of gratitude and appreciation. Where else can our children come together and feel this kind of friendship and love? We are a special group indeed. Lenox opens so many positive doors and the smiles were a great validation of what we hope to achieve every year. It is our pleasure to be part of your family and partner with you in developing “tomorrow’s” bright leaders.

As we head into the new year, I know that you will all be very busy this next week. Please take a moment to appreciate all the special camp friends, impactful staff, and the wonderful “Lenox way”. We are in your corner, wishing the best and brightest year for all our campers and parents. Here’s to our 101st summer, and we are so happy that you will once again be part of our legacy.

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