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And the Prestigious X for Xcellence Awards Go To ...

The Final Torch Awards were given out in a lovely ceremony that preceded the fake break. These awards went to those kids who have been well, excellent campers. They’ve been exemplary among their peers and in their cabins or in their activities.


Explorers – Claudia Jackson, Tessa Newberg

Scouts – Grace Keane, Dani Peri

Chiefs – Riley Carroll

Juniors – Fatima Gonzalez, Lindsay Gould and Sarah Roth

Subs – Kayla Howard

Lowers – Lexi Bender

Uppers – Holly Graziano, Jolie Strauss

Collegians – Taylor Silverstein

Scouts – Nicky Rapaport, David Lopez and Charlie Cooper

Chiefs – Kyle Block, Jasper Spitz

Juniors – Rea Davis, Nick Conforti and Alan Schneider

Subs – Josh Cooper, Nasim Norman and George Schatzberg

Lowers – Griffin Kass, Jaron Katz

Upper Seniors – Tyler Block, Jack Mittelmark

Soccer – Sarah Roth, Charley Schwartz, Ben Monroe and Brian Keane

Hockey – Jacob Roth, Ben Snyder and Zach Plotkin

Ropes – Kerry Stoelzel, Josh Garfinkel

Basketball – Ben Broner, Andrew Lamstein

Baseball – Kyle Block, Ben Groothuis and Greg Becil

Art – David Allen, Maizy Glassman

Zumba – Lauren Port

Gymnastics – Maya Krooth




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