Lenox’s daily program consists of two individual Electives, three Group Periods, a Flex Period, and an evening Teen Camp activity. Intramural Leagues, inter-camp days, and tournaments are scheduled throughout the summer as well. Electives and Group Periods are run separately for boys and girls during the day while the Teen Camp events provide opportunities for older boys and girls to enjoy camp together.


Individual Electives allow each camper to specialize in areas of interest on a weekly basis. Campers can choose from over 40 activities every Saturday to hone skills and develop new talents. The power of choice allows campers to follow their passion and tailor their schedule for the summer. Electives also allow campers to experience a variety of programs on a week-in, week-out basis should they choose.

3Experienced high school coaches make sure that each program has a strong focus on basic skill development. They bring beginners along gently while providing plenty of opportunities for experienced players to develop at higher competitive levels.

Group Periods

While Electives promote individual skill development, Group Periods guarantee every camper has a well-rounded summer camp experience. Assigned Group Periods make sure that each camper gets “a little bit of everything” throughout the summer and ensures that campers will be with their group on a regular basis.

At the beginning of the summer, the Program Director covers his wall with a big schedule based on activities and available facilities. Each week, the directors and leadership team gather to plan Group Period rotations, ensuring that everyone experiences a generous helping of everything that Lenox has to offer.

Flex Periods

Each day ends with a Flex Period. As the name suggests, there’s a lot of variety. General swim (popular on hot days), group games, and tournament team practices are often held during Flex. All activity areas are open at Flex and campers have the opportunity to choose a fun recreational activity.

If a camper comes to Lenox with a workout schedule from their hometown coach, this is a great time to get it done. Activity heads are also available, providing opportunities for one-on-one instruction.

While Flex Period is more relaxed than the Electives or Group Periods that precede it, everyone must be at an activity.

Teen Camp

While boys and girls are involved in separate activities during the day, older boys and girls enjoy regular co-ed evening events. Teen Camp is for grades 8 – 11, and each grade gathers for their late night period at 8:30 PM. Every night is different and features game nights, DJs, big events for the entire Teen Camp, or individual group activities. These events include Beach Bash, Movie Under the Stars, an old-fashioned hoe-down, and a summer prom.

Leagues & Tournaments

Intramural Leagues

Each age group (boys and girls) enjoys recreational sports competition by playing in intramural leagues. Teams are organized by the group leaders, and campers play against each other throughout the summer.

League sports include flag football, basketball, team handball, baseball, softball, and kickball. By far, the biggest and most popular “all-camp” leagues are Twilight (boys softball) and Sundown (girls softball) and Davis Cup (tennis). Every League has its own unique twist to keep things interesting and is a fun way to have recreational competition.

Intercamp Tournaments

Tournaments are well-organized competitions with local camps similar to travel sports at home. Lenox competes in basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, lacrosse, roller hockey, gymnastics, swimming, sailing, track/field, and cheerleading.

Each summer, Lenox hosts the Pittsfield Boys Basketball Tournament and the Classic Girls Basketball Tournament, two of the most popular events amongst Berkshire camps. In all, Lenox participates in approximately 90 tournaments over the course of the summer, capturing trophies from many to adorn the dining hall walls.