Lenox in a Nutshell

Camp Sessions

Whether you send your child to camp for the full 7-week summer or try our half summer program, he/she will discover new interests that will last a lifetime. Our camp community welcomes 420 children each and every summer. Lenox is big enough to ensure great activity periods and the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends, but small enough to offer the individual attention that kids need to feel seen and acknowledged. No one gets lost in the crowd. Our goal? To see each child thrive in the Lenox program.

Every year, I’ve grown closer to campers and counselors, young and old — boys as well as girls. They understand me. They have seen my true colors and like me nonetheless. – Lauren, Camper

Boys & Girls

Camp Lenox is a co-ed camp for a simple reason: life is co-ed. Your child needs to grow in a healthy environment, so Lenox’s program, schedule, and facilities — everything — have been carefully planned to allow the appropriate level of single gender and co-ed time. The end result? A well-balanced person with a healthy respect for themselves and others.

7-16 Years Old

Lenox is a full-summer camp, but it’s not a one-summer experience. Campers regularly come at a young age and attend every summer, many of them returning after their Collegian year as staff members.

Ever since I began my Lenox experience 6 years ago as a Chief, I quickly learned that you cannot leave this place until you have experienced your last summer as a camper — your Collegian year. For 6 long, unforgettable summers at Lenox, I made unbreakable relationships with so many wonderful people and experienced so many memorable Lenox moments. – Sam, Camper

3:1 Camper to Staff Ratio

A great summer requires balance. Our 3:1 camper to staff ratio ensures that all campers will get the individual attention that is needed for them to thrive. We make it a priority to not let small issues slip through the cracks. The directors personally select the right number of the very best staff you’ll find at any camp.

40+ Activities

Lots of activities means lots of variety and plenty of opportunities to branch out, cross-train, and excel. Campers can specialize and hone their athletic skills, or round out the summer with a full-range of exciting new activities to discover.

I saw the photos from the Chiefs’ Color War soccer game and Aaron looks absolutely elated! I think he scored the winning goal and the whole team is carrying him on their shoulders. Aaron is a sensitive kid — he’s happier in the classroom than on the playground. For him to have a moment like this on the playing field is really unbelievable. – Lori, Parent

170 Acres of Camp Property

Competitive athletics requires great facilities, regulation-size playing fields, indoor field houses, and gymnasiums. Inspired creativity demands specialized studio equipment and scope for the imagination. Really exciting watersports need sailboats, ski boats, equipment and … well … lots of water! Above all, getting away from the crowded, always-on bustle of daily life requires a generous helping of the outdoors. Lenox’s beautiful property has it all.

Lenox by the Numbers

  • 7-Week Camp Session
  • 420 Campers
  • Boys & Girls
  • 7-16 Years Old
  • 3:1 Camper to Staff Ratio
  • 40+ Activities
  • 170 Acres of Camp Property