Staff Profiles

Each summer, the directors hire more than 140 staff members — around half of them returning and the other half new, many of them former campers.

There’s no substitute for meeting these exceptional men and women in person, but the profiles below give a taste of the talents, interests, and enthusiasm they bring each summer.

I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know people in such an intense way over such a short period of time. There are a lot of people who changed my life…I can only hope that I did as much for them as they did for me.
Chris D, Staffer

Adam Cluppert

Leonardo Nicastro

Austin Shatz

Cydney Brown

Alexander Craven

Cole Wyman

Michael Iantosca

Abby Garfinkel

Jolie Strauss

Anita Peczka

Morgan Moss

Ronald Migus

Adam Berry

Chiara Omsky

Alex Blasi

Ellen Robinson

Emily Post

Kasia Zydek

Pedro Freitas

Ellis Read

Jan Jeske

Szilárd Borsos

Anna Denny

Aria Levin

Diana Vaculova

Shelby Mendlik

Sergio Gordillo