Staff Profiles

Each summer, the directors hire more than 140 staff members — around half of them returning and the other half new, many of them former campers.

There’s no substitute for meeting these exceptional men and women in person, but the profiles below give a taste of the talents, interests, and enthusiasm they bring each summer.

I enjoyed the opportunity to get to know people in such an intense way over such a short period of time. There are a lot of people who changed my life…I can only hope that I did as much for them as they did for me.
Chris D, Staffer

Jacqueline Cenan

Jolie Strauss

Kylie Curtis

Adam Nemeth

Jeremy Lamstein

Alexa Brown

Emma Thomson

Chiara Omsky

Willie Brown

Anna Mladnick

Mathew St.Martin

Leah McWilliams

Aiyana Rendeiro

Becky Hime

Gage Reycroft

Molly Katz

Reg Carrick

Julia Hirsch

Taylor Lipsich

Sammy Beattie

Natasha Turner

Olivia Rudicil

Julie Stoelzel

Joanna Radov

Zach Plotkin

Dr. Kevin McSherry

Alex Fleischman

Jamil Johnson

Victor Bonomo

Andras Roll

Rachel Courtney

Candice Cardwell

Nadav Neuman

Amber Mickles

Joe Devlin

Francesca Ciaramitaro

Mike Manfredi

Mike Iantosca

Camilla Chatfield

Pedro Freitas

Lucy Wilson

Nikoletta Balogh

Samantha Castellanos

Victoria Kinkaid

Lucy Judge

Ash Pullman

Barbara Alexandra Samuel

Inez Jastrzebska

John Manfredi

Ben Coles

Charlotte Fleischman

Kevin Mitchell

James Johnston "JJ"

Gabi Patick

Annie Hall

Pavel Martinec

Ryan Blocher

Mark Neale

Mackenzie McGuire

Malia Helms

Adela Gabrielova

Emma Shewell-Cooper

Daryl MacNeill

Tatum Diehl

Adam Cluppert

Al Craven

Amanda Anderson

Denisa Kolarikova

Nicole DiBella

Daria Veretennikova

Michal Muszynski

Megan Carter

Aria Levin

Kyle Jacksic

Diana Vaculova

Ria Smith

Barry Bergen

Adrienne Bergen

Ross Plumer "R.P."

Mandy Neuman