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Sergio Martinez

Sergio is returning from Valencia (Spain) to Moss Park for his 9th summer. Since his debut at Camp Lenox in 2009, Sergio has been a coach in soccer, hockey, self-defence, and gymnastics. He was also victorious when honoured as Color War General in 2013 and Mr. Lenox 2014. He has been our Soccer Director since 2013, guiding his incredible staff and making sure that campers learn how to play while having fun. In his time off, he loves to “disconnect and have some rest” helping out coaching in other sports. Sergio has his licensed master’s degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the University of Valencia, with a specialty in high performance for both Soccer and Judo. His adult life has seen him be: a sports teacher at a high school for 3 years; a coach in soccer for 5 years; judo for 8 years; hockey for 17 seasons. He continues playing inline roller-hockey in the national league in Spain and France and has been doing so since 2002.
Currently, he is the Head Manager of the inline roller hockey club he founded in 1996 “Los Diablos de Mislata” and still plays and coaches players 4 to 40 years old.

“Counting down the days to go back to my summer home!!!”