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Mike Manfredi, Boys Head Counselor

Mike joined the Camp Lenox family in 2011 as a bunk counselor, coming to the Berkshires having never spent a summer away at camp before. He instantly fell in love with everything having to do with Camp Lenox, from the friendships, to the competition, to the spirit, he was hooked. During the off-sesaon Mike works as a special education teacher in the Boston area, which has allowed him to continue coming back to Lenox each summer. Mike saw his second group of boys through their Collegian year as their group leader before making the move into administration. Mike has worked as the Upper Boys Camp Coordinator and now serves as Head Boys Counselor where he has the opportunity to support all of the age levels within boys camp. Mike truly loves the relationships he has forged during his years at Lenox, and has really enjoyed watching so many wonderful campers thrive and grow throughout their summers. Mike credits Rich, Stef and Coach Moss with providing the inspiration to continue coming back and spending his summers in the Berkshires, and he has become fully engrained in the Lenox community. Despite only having six summers of camping experience at Lenox, Mike has truly come to understand what it means to “live 10 for 2”and always does his best to keep the torch burning.