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Jordan Zwang

Pictured left, Jordan Zwang, simply known as ‘Zwang’ by many, is returning for double digits as he reaches the massive 10th year. This will be Zwang’s 4th summer on staff and oh boy it’ll be one to remember. After a great year at Syracuse University he is ready to be back. A quote from the man himself, “I just can’t wait for a pm period of twilight league on a golf cart driving through access road with the greenest of trees surrounding, producing such pure oxygen to inhale.” Zwang is obviously pumped for the summer as we can all see. Some know Zwang as an outspoken alumni whose voice can travel across the longest of ponds. He will be on football and basketball staff assisting the campers with necessary skills at both sports. Zwang will be with the collegian boys this summer wreaking havoc with dining hall chants and tons of leadership. He cannot wait to return!