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For Girls Only

Winners of the Girls Sing proudly raise their trophy in triumph!Winners of the Girls Sing proudly raise their trophy in triumph!

Stephanie leads weekly special events for the girls. These include but are not limited to: a Girls Sing (groups write and perform their own songs and are judged on costume, creativity, and performance), Stalk the Lantern (on a night with no moon, girls dress in dark clothes and attempt to sneak up on a small group of staff armed with lanterns), and the ever-popular Big Sister/Little Sister Relay (a variety of crazy activities planned by the older girls for pairs of older and younger girls working together).

Nothing brings girls together like laughter (searching for a gummy worm at the bottom of a bowl of whipped cream), or a good challenge (feeding each other ice cream while blindfolded). Thanks to such events, it’s common for every girl to know all 170 girls by summer’s end.