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4th of July

Lenox celebrates the nation’s birthday with similar enthusiasm. In a zany role reversal, our beloved international staff “take over camp” and declare the royal queen of England (a costumed staff member) as the new camp director. Rich and Stef are summarily thrown into the lake as the deposed leaders. The international staff then mount golf carts and deliver “breakfast in bed” to the whole camp.

Junior camp gathers early in the day for the Olympics, where campers compete in a track meet, swim meet, spirit contest, and more. Teams are organized under country names. At the same time, Upper Camp meets on the waterfront for zany games like Sink the Canoe (pretty self-explanatory) and a Frozen T-shirt contest and a round of spirited athletic contests throughout camp.

Dinner is a cookout followed by the summer’s Big Talent Show, featuring music, singing, dancing, comedy, and even floor routines from talented gymnasts. The day ends with the eagerly-awaited fireworks show over Shaw pond.