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And the Kids Choice Awards Go To.....

Last week, we had an incredibly fun and hilarious Camp Lenox Kids Choice Awards. You may have seen the star-studded pics, but you probably couldn’t make out who one what. Soooooo (drum roll), here are the 2015 Kids Choice Award winners:

Funniest kid: Charlie Cooper

Best Laugh: Luce Benetton

Best Celebrity Look A Like: Miller Nelson

Best Eyes: Sage Gardiner

Best Nickname: Sam Shatzberg

Best Drama King: Spencer Neckritz

Biggest Flirt: Conner Weinberg

Best Sportsmanship: Carli Fleisher

Best Hair: Spencer Seiden

Best Smile: Savannah Torres

Best Impression: Celianna Cardwell

Most Athletic: Lily Spinner

Biggest Nightowl: Charley Schwartz

Most Likely to be General: Sarah Kessler

Most Likely to Win American idol: Jeremiah Wiener

Friendliest: Ben Even

Most Likely to be President: Ben Rothenberg

Most Creative: Lily Hinderstein

Happiest Kid: Addie Wiener

Life of the Party: Dani Peri

Best Dressed: Aaron Shuchman

Most Forgetful: Shane Birkenfeld

Most Outgoing: Lili Daniels

Most Likely to be Late to a Group Period: Cici Shi

Most Likely to Drop a Tray in the Dining Hall: Nick Conforti

Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Camper: Madie Holland

Most Likely to be Mistaken for a Counselor: Andrew Guillaume




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